If you joined the pension scheme before 1 October 2006, your membership up to 31 March 2008 will be payable at an unreduced level if you decide to draw your pension at 65 or later. It could be sooner depending on when you trigger the Rule of 85.

For most members it means that your pension will include unreduced benefits for your membership to 31 March 2008 from the date when the combination of your age and LGPS membership (in whole years) reaches 85.

If your Rule of 85 date is before you reach 60, the earliest that your pre 1 April 2008 membership can be paid unreduced is age 60.

We’ve produced a guide to help you determine when you can retire with unreduced benefits which you can find attached to this page.

The only way the Rule of 85 can protect benefits from reduction before you reach 60, is if your employer decided to switch on the rule for you. This would come at a cost to your employer and for this reason employers have the discretion whether or not to allow it.

Your Rule of 85 date was shown on your active annual benefit statement up until 2018.