This section will help you to understand your pension, its benefits, and your options.

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Our member self-service called My Pension Online is now live.  

On this secure service you can:

  • View your pension details, including any death grant lump sum nominations you have made
  • Update some of your personal information
  • View documents and correspondence, including your annual benefit statement when it’s available
  • Calculate pension estimates

How to sign up

You’ll need to complete the My Pension Online access form. We’ll ask you to let us know your email address along with some personal information. This is so we can add your email address to your pension record and send you an invite to register for the service. 

How to register and login

If you’ve received your email invite from us to register, or you’d like to login, you can visit the My Pension Online member self-service website now. 

Go to My Pension Online

More information

My Pension Online helps us to communicate faster and more efficiently with you. It also helps us to reduce the amount of paper we use.

We’ll write to you soon asking you to complete the My Pension Online access form, so we can prepare your pension record. We’ll then send you an email when it is ready for you to register for the service.

Annual benefit statements for active members or deferred members are only available on My Pension Online. If you would like to receive them by post, please tell us using our enquiry form.

If you're a pensioner member, we’ll continue to send your pensioner payslips through the post.