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Use the forms attached to this page to notify us of changes to LGPS members.

Please don’t store these forms to use as templates, as we review and update them regularly. Submitting old or altered versions of forms will cause delays, as we will return them without processing the information. Please also see our guidance for completing forms.

Notification forms

New joiner

To notify us of an employee joining the LGPS, please use the S1 form.

Scheme leaver / retirement / death

For LGPS members leaving employment, please use the L1 form. 

Amendment to an L1 form

To revise a previously submitted L1 due to a change in pay, hours or leaving date, please use the L1a form.

Change to personal details

To notify us of a change to an LGPS member's personal details, please use the C1 form.

Change to employment details

For changes to an LGPS member's employment details (such as change in hours, change of post, move to or from the 50/50) please use the C2 form.

Unpaid absence from work (not sickness)

To notify us of a member's unpaid absence from work, which hasn't triggered Assumed Pensionable Pay (APP), please use the C3 form.

Gross misconduct and recovery of financial loss

To inform us that you wish to pursue the recovery of financial loss following a gross misconduct dismissal, please use the C4 form.

Estimate request form

To request a pension estimate based upon redundancy, flexible retirement or for those with limited life expectancy, please use the attached form.

Ill health retirement

For new ill health retirement applications, you will need the 'medical certificate for a current employee'.

For reviewing a current Tier 3 ill health retirement recipient, you should use 'current Tier 3 - 18 month review'.

For reviewing a suspended Tier 3 ill health retirement recipient, please contact us for the appropriate form.

For detailed information about ill health retirement, please see our process guides.