Your pension is a hugely valuable part of your employment package and if you are an eligible employee, you'll be enrolled automatically.

From the day you join the scheme

Your pension starts to build from the day you join our scheme and you immediately receive the following benefits:

  • when you pay contributions, your employer pays too
  • you can choose to pay more or pay less into your contributions
  • you receive tax relief on your contributions
  • you're covered by a generous death in service death grant of 3 times assumed pensionable pay

After 2 years of contributions

Once you've been paying into the scheme for 2 years, the following benefits also apply:

  • you receive ill health protection (retirement benefits payable from any age)
  • you can voluntarily draw your benefits anytime between the ages of 55 and 75 if you've left your job
  • you can take flexible retirement from the age of 55 (with your employer’s consent)
  • your benefits are automatically released early on or after the age of 55 if you're made redundant or retired on grounds of business efficiency
  • you'll be provided with a secure pension when you retire
  • your benefits in the scheme are secure and set out in law
  • your benefits are a no risk investment, and are not linked to the value of stocks or shares
  • you pay a percentage of your salary with no hidden fees or charges
  • you can exchange part of your pension for tax free cash
  • your pension payment is reviewed each April and increases with the cost of living based on an index set by the government
  • your loved ones will be provided with security in the event of your death