A core objective of the pension fund is to ensure that it has sufficient assets available to meet members’ benefit payments as they fall due. These payments are guaranteed by regulations and will be met by contributions resulting from the funding strategy or asset returns and income resulting from the investment strategy. The funding and investment strategies are, therefore, very closely linked.

The investment strategy statement sets out the long term investment strategy of the pension fund and includes:

  • the arrangements for managing the fund’s investments
  • the fund’s investment objectives and beliefs
  • the strategic asset allocation benchmark
  • descriptions of the types of asset classes that the fund invests in
  • the approach to managing risk
  • the approach to pooling investment management with other Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds
  • the approach to responsible investment

The investment strategy statement is prepared by the county council, as the administering authority of the pension fund in collaboration with the fund’s independent investment adviser, Anthony Fletcher, and following consultation with the fund’s stakeholders.

Latest news on a revised statement

Following a consultation with the fund’s stakeholders, a revised investment strategy statement was approved by Derbyshire County Council's Pensions and Investments Committee at their meeting on 4 November 2020. The revised investment strategy statement is attached to this page.