If you're thinking about retiring at any age between 55 and 75, you may be starting to think about what pension you might receive.

You can use My Pension Online, or our pension calculator at any time to get an estimate of your pension benefits from us. If you are close to retirement, you can ask us to work out a formal estimate which we'll send you through the post.

If you're considering applying for flexible retirement or if your post is being made redundant, your employer must arrange an estimate for you.

My Pension Online

You can visit My Pension Online for details of how to register for the service. Once registered you can find the value of your benefits and produce estimates at as many different retirement dates as you like, between age 55 and your State Pension age.

You can either find out what your pension would be worth if you left employment and took your pension benefits straight away, or what your benefits would be if you decided to defer payment of your benefits until your State Pension age.

Pension calculator

You can use our pension calculator to produce an instant estimate of your pension benefits for any future date you might be thinking about retiring (up to the age of 75). 

You will need your latest annual benefit statement to use the calculator, as it includes all the information you'll need. As with My Pension Online, you don't need your employer's input to use the calculator and there's no limit to the amount of estimates you can produce.

Our pension calculator will produce reduced and unreduced figures which illustrate the difference between voluntarily retiring and having your employment ended by your employer due to redundancy or business efficiency.

Request an estimate in writing

To request a formal estimate of your pension benefits please complete the ‘voluntary retirement estimate request’ attached to this page.

Please be aware that you can only receive a written estimate once a year and if you are within 2 years of your proposed retirement date.

After completing section 1 of the form, send it to your employer, who will complete the rest of the form and submit it to us.

If you have any queries about your estimate after you've submitted the form to your employer, please contact them in the first instance.

We'll send you your estimate as soon as we can, but sometimes at very busy periods, you should be prepared for it to take a few weeks.


It's important to note that estimates are based on the pay information supplied, and the legislation and factors in force at the time the estimate is produced. Therefore, pension benefit figures are liable to change to those calculated at the point of your retirement. Estimates do not represent a promise or entitlement to benefits.