From 1 April 2014 your pension benefits are based on your actual pensionable pay, including overtime and periods of absence.

Increases in pay

If you receive an increase to your pensionable pay, the amount of pension benefits you build up in a year will also increase.

We may contact you about your annual allowance if you receive a large increase in your pensionable pay. Your annual allowance is the total amount of pension benefits you can build up in each scheme year for tax relief purposes.

Decreases in pay

It's important to note that benefits accrued up to 31 March 2014 are calculated on your final pay at the date you leave the scheme.

If your final salary pay has been reduced or restricted at any point during your scheme membership due to the following reasons, you can choose to elect for a 10-year pay protection:

  • you chose to be employed at a lower grade or responsibility
  • equal pay
  • a job evaluation exercise
  • a contractual change affecting pensionable payments
  • a restriction to future pay increases

Applying for pay protection

If you believe you may have been affected by a reduction or restriction, please see the 'reductions in pensionable pay' factsheet and 'reductions in pensionable pay option form' attached to this page for more information.

Should you opt for pay protection, please send your completed form to your employer who will complete 'section 4 – employer declaration'.

You can apply for pay protection up to 30 days before you're due to leave the scheme.

Your employer will then consider your application for pay protection, and they will write to you with their decision, including any reasons for their decision. They will also provide a copy of our appeals leaflet.