Some UK banks will no longer operate accounts for people without a permanent UK address.

If you’re living in Europe after the UK leaves the European Union, you’ll need to check with your bank that the changes in regulations due to the UK leaving the European Union won’t affect your bank account.

Unchanged accounts

You don’t need to take any action if your bank confirms your account is unaffected.

Affected accounts

You’ll need to update us with new bank details if your bank confirms your account is affected. To make sure we can still pay your pension, there’s a couple of options available to you.

Another UK bank account that's unaffected by the changes

To have your paid into another UK bank account, you can download and complete the ‘Pensioner change of bank details’ form on our changing your bank details page.

A foreign bank account

We use Citibank to pay pensions to overseas bank accounts. There's an administration charge of £2.74 per payment for currency conversion and transmission of the payment. The charge is deducted from your net pension as part of the transfer process to your overseas account.

The account must be in your name as our pensioner member, or in joint names with your spouse or partner.

You need to give a minimum of 3 weeks' notice to arrange these payments. This is because the details you provide with Citibank must be verified before payments can be made to overseas accounts.

If you wish to use this option, you can email Derbyshire County Council's HR Services Pay Team at to ask for a mandate form for the country you live in.

Returning forms and mandates

The Pay Team are currently accepting electronic scans or photos of completed change of bank details forms and mandates to This is a secure email address which only approved staff can access.

You'll need to make sure your documents are signed, dated where required and sent as email attachments. If you're unable to email, you can send your completed documents to the HR Services office address:

HR Services - Pay Team
John Hadfield House
Dale Road

Please be aware this will take longer for the team process your case