Annual Benefit Statements for our active and deferred members are now being sent by post to home addresses.

For active members

Your 2019 statement reflects the pension you built up by 31 March 2019 and shows what your pension would be when you reach your State Pension age, based on your membership to that date.

Your State Pension age is when you can retire without any reduction to your pension benefits.

If you retire early (that is, before your State Pension age) your pension benefits will normally be paid at a reduced rate.

For more information visit our active member annual benefit statement page.

For deferred members

Your 2019 statement shows the value of your pension, at an unreduced rate, if you take it from your State Pension age.

For more information visit our deferred member annual benefit statement page.

When you will receive your statement

If you have not yet received your statement, or do not receive it by the end of September 2019, there's likely to be an issue which we're looking into.

We'll only issue your statement when we're confident that it's correct.

If we cannot issue your statement yet, this is likely to be because either;

  • you may have only joined the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) recently
  • we're waiting for information from your employer
  • we're working on joining pension records together where you paid into the LGPS for more than one job
  • you're paying extra contributions towards an additional contract
  • you have a pension sharing order in place following divorce

If your statement is delayed we'll send it to you as soon as we can.